The Bodélé Dust Experiment

The Bodélé Depression in Chad is the single dustiest place in the world. The depression, now hyper-arid, was 5000 years ago part of Lake Mega-Chad, an inland body of water the size of the Caspian Sea.

BoDEx sought to explain (i) the processes of dust emission and transport from the Bodélé and (ii) the characteristics of dust aerosols which determine the radiative forcing. The field campaign in the Bodélé in Spring 2005 was the first to this remote region. It provided detailed measurements of the Bodélé low-level jet, a wind maximum only 500m above the surface which leads to pronounced dust emission as it is channeled and accelerated through the gap between the Tibesti and Ennedi mountain ranges. The field campaign also sampled the dust and found that it consists mainly of diatomite sediment, from diatoms that lived in Lake Mega-Chad.

BoDEx was funded by the Royal Geographical Society Gilchrist Educational Trust. It was a collaboration between the University of Oxford, University College London, Birkbeck College London, Salford University and Direction des Resources en Eau et de la Météorologie (N’Djamena).

Pibal wind profile BoDEx

Time-height profile of wind speed from pilot balloon data during BoDEx: the Bodélé low level jet is plainly visible (orange and red contours). Source: Washington et al (2006).



Prof Richard Washington
Dr Sebastian Engelstaedter

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