REACH is a research project led by the University of Oxford and backed by the British Government that aims to help millions of people in Africa and South Asia to have reliable access to water. It is a 7-year programme which was launched in March 2015.  The Department for International Development is funding the project through a £15 million grant.  The Programme Director is Dr Rob Hope, from the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment in the School of Geography and the Environment.

Professor Richard Washington is leading the climate component of the project. The launch announcement can be read here.

Thus far, the climate science in Reach has focused on East Africa, particularly Northern Kenya and Ethiopia. The behaviour of coupled climate models over this region has been carefully examined from the perspective of model climatologies, variability and trends. One reason for this work is to establish credibility in future climate projections for this region.


Programme website


Prof Richard Washington (Lead on Reach climate science)

Dr Rob Hope (Project PI)